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ground 00

 I've decided to make this my new journal for RPs for now. 

Test ideas, plots, raving and rantings will go here. 

nothing really to report for now, here of course goes nothing. 

OC Characters

 Slowly but surely I'm going to put up the 'forgotten' profiles so they will have a place to call home. I always feel bad for when characters get dump when the group dies, or the other players loose interest and they are dumped by the way side. I like giving closure to my muses. 

Saya - based off of Zombie loan's concept. 
Olivia - based off of a twisted Swan Princess tale 
Cheri - based off of a Joan of Arc story
Lute - based off a Joan of Arc Story
Mora - Based off a Joan of Arc Story
Jeanne - Based off of a Joan of Arc story
Isaac - Based off a Joan of Arc Story

So these are the OCs I really can't get off my mind/do not want to be forgotten, I will make their profiles up soon. 

busy busy life

So I have gotten bit by fandom bugs left and right.

Leaving this as a sign I'm still aliiiiiiiiiiiive. Mostly.


 Well nothing new to report other than being able to rp now that finals are almost over!!


I uploaded new Icons because while I love baccano I was really getting bored....


I have a few ideas I want to try but need a person to try them with? I'll be hitting the RP ad sights to see if I can make any new friends/ rp buddies.


Though I'm not going to lie, some people have turned me off. First was the cyber stalker that really pushed my buttons.....douche. Next was some girl who was so selfish that I couldn't ask for a hiatus for a month because of schooling. (She had serious double standards, and still a bit upset about it.) I just want a nice open buddy to rp with, why is that so hard?(in terms of finding new blood?)


But of course I wont lie, I feel more comfortable RPing with women....yay for my own personal double standard!! 

well thats about it, finals are next week..which means I can kick back and relax the brain. (even though I'll be hella busy...god damnit) 

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