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Character Name: Alias: Saya Sakando Real name: Unknown
Character Age: Appears 16
Character Gender: Male, but appears Female
Character's Alignment (Good, evil, Nuetral, etc): unknown
Character Species (including pets): none
Character’s Realm (Northern Kingdom, etcetc) : Eastern Kingdom
Species Description if Needed (aka, not human): Human
Character Ethnicity: Eastern
Character's Title or Job:Soul Bounty Hunter, Waitress at the Leosce restaurant

Character's Descriptions
Eye-color: dark blue-gray with specks of yellowish green
Hair color: light blue
Height: 5’8
Weight: 140 pounds

Physical Descriptions (Including Clothing(s)): Saya is rather on the short and skinny side for being a male, but prefect for a female. He has a long slender and hairless legs which is much like all of his body, smooth and hairless. It gives him the prefect cover as a female waitress.

Saya’s blue hair is about mid back in length and normally parted in two pigtails when he is dressed as a girl. When he is dressed like a guy he normally lets it hang loose and wears a hat of some kind to help hide is identity. As a girl he normally wears his waitress uniform, short black skirt and white blouse with fake insert breast. IF he isn’t in his uniform he wears a turtle neck sweater and over that a knee length dress. The last touch he has is a pair of rimless glasses he wears in his female style of dress. On his right hand middle finger is a sliver ring with a white stone gem.

Weapons or Powers:
Saya has made a contract with the soul reapers that come and collects souls when someone dies and transport them to their destination. It has given his latent abilities a juice up among other things.
1: Psychic Null: Before his contract Saya had a quite mind, which made even those as a telepath or empath try hard to read him. Anything to deal with his mind falls under his nulling abilities and it appears just to be static. He does this subconsciously and can not be used as an attack.

2: Soul extraction and containment: This was an ability given to him by the Soul Reaper to whom Saya made the contract with. When he comes across a lost soul, dog, cat, bird, human, demon, angel ect, He has the power to allow them to pass on to their next stage of existence. When this power is activated a ring on his right hand middle finger glows. If the soul is ready to move on Saya shows the spirit his/her/it’s door to their next stage. There are a few special circumstances such as if the soul is marked for ‘hell’ or worse depending on who or what it is. If the soul must be contained a special item is crafted to hold the evil spirit until it can be transported to the soul reapers for punishment.

3: Reaper’s Eyes: Another power he gained after becoming contracted by the soul reaper. He can see the souls of the dead and speak with them. It can be also used to tell when a person is about to die, so he can snatch it fresh without having to worry about he/she/it being traumatized and turning into some angry ghost.

Weakness(es) REQUIRED:
1: Saya is easily winded and tries not to get into a fight if he doesn’t have to. He has gotten very good at running away from battles to find a better and easier way to get his job done.

2: It takes his own soul energy to power his ring, so when he is extracting(sending a soul off to heaven and such) it leaves him weaken. He often will sleep for a whole day afterwards. He can not use the ring for the next week as he has to recharge his soul batteries.

3: His secret about his gender. If anyone finds out, he would have some very pissed off people after him.

4: The Reaper eyes are unreliable. He has not fully mastered them so souls can slip right under his nose if they didn’t want to pass on. It seems he can’t use it to see people’s deaths yet because he hasn’t mastered that ability of the eyes.
Personality: Saya pretending to be a girl tries not to stand out and opts to hide as much as possible. If he has to pretend to be a meek shy nerdy girl so be it. The thing is it really makes him sick when guys hit on him so he tries to avoid them but hanging around girls is no better. So Saya forces himself to be a bit antisocial scowling at people to keep them a safe two yard distances between them.

Saya however can be very sweet if even a bit charming under the dress and fake breasts. He has seen a lot of horrible things over his time working for the soul reapers so he tries to hold on to the small good things he finds(at a safe distance).

History: When he was 16 he returned home from the local school in the eastern kingdom to find that his family being held hostage. It was too late for him to run, or even call for help. He didn’t know until after they had already killed his father by that time. When the murderers were about to kill his mother he somehow got in the way of their kill blow taking it himself. Severely wounded he laid there phasing in and out of consciousness as they finished their job leaving him for dead. That was when the Soul reaper came to collect the souls of his parents and his.

Saya, seeking revenge tried to bargain in incurrent words to the reaper. The reaper considered the deal and instead of reaping Saya’s soul, he put it to work. That was 8 years ago, and Saya takes on whatever jobs he can find and get in order to pay off his debt to the reaper.

He has paid off about ¼ of his debt.

It seems the soul he collects are always on the low paying side, since he never takes on any of the high price jobs. Over the pass few years however he has made a few powerful enemies and needed to go into hiding. That was when he had an idea to dress like a girl and a job on the Leosce. Tons of lost souls there, and the safest place to be from his enemies.

His reaper seemed to like this idea and granted his request to go up to the leosce on one condition, that no one finds out what his work is and his true identity. After all if everyone knew they could make contracts with the soul reapers, everyone would ask to cheat death.

Family (leave blank if needed): None

Quirks or traits: When he is annoyed there is a small tic at the corner of his lips. Saya also becomes faint when he sees spiders, he hates spiders and other blood sucking insects.

Likes: To dress as a boy, resting around in the nude, not wearing a bra, the ability to speak with his normal voice, curry

Dislikes: Hairspray, bras, high heels

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